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Electrofusion Machine +Georg Fischer+

The MSA 4.0 (MSA 4.1) is an electrofusion control unit for the electrofusion jointing of PE/PP pipes. Fusion parameters input can be accomplished with a fusion barcode according to ISO/TR 13950 standard or manually. The internal processors control the values of welding parameters, set the power output accordingly and, thanks to the messages shown in the LCD display, guides the operator to successfully execute all the necessary operations. In addition, the MSA 4.0 (MSA 4.1) is tracking and storing in the internal memory up to 5000 welding protocols. The welding protocols can be transferred to a PC via USB memory stick, in PDF, CSV and BIN formats for welding certificates preparation. To ensure high quality fusion cycles, depending on the ambient temperature, the machine is adjusting automatically the welding time, for the correct distribution of the energy to the fitting.

Main Benefits : - MSA Plus range, weight 11kg

                       - Weld protocol facility with MSA 230,330 and 340, MSA Plus 350 and Msa Plus 400

                       - Software provided for MSA Plus

Main Applications : Gas and Water Distribution, Pressurised PE Piping Systems, Waste Water/Sewage, Cooling Systems

Product Range : MSA 210, MSA 230, MSA Plus 250, MSA Plus 300, MSA 330, MSA340, MSA Plus 350, MSA Plus 400

Temprature Range : -10 °C +45 °C working temprature

Transformer Technology : MSA 210, 230, 330, 340 : Standard MSA Plus range : inverter

Material : For welding PE Electrofusion fittings